Fixed Line Rods for sale

All rods are in Excellent ++ condition, some have only been used once.

  1. Suntech Sawanobori 63, Used maybe once, too long for me, Comes in original case, Japanese made. You can look specifics on this rod on line. $200.00 Shipped CONUS.
  2. Daiwa Kiyose 53M, Never used, You can look up specifics on line, In original case $140.00 shipped CONUS.
  3. Nissin ZX Stiff, 40-45, ‘In very good condition’ , Powerful, carp rod, $95.00 shipped, in original case CONUS, you can of course look up the specifics on line.
  4. Suntech AOI Zpro 58, used once, this is a zero line rod, you can look up the specifics on line, handles 6-10X tippets, original case and you can look up the specifics on line. $240 shipped CONUS.
  5. Nissin Seiryu Rod 450, ‘Syunki’ these were made for a year or two, much nicer and more expensive than the current Tenkara versions, used may for a couple of hours. $150.00 shipped CONUS.
  6. Daiwa 39MC, I liked the original so much I bought a backup but have never needed it in over 7 years now, Brand New, I just took it out of the case to veryify that all was good. $120.00 shipped CONUS
    Three day inspection privilege, buyer responsible for shipping both ways though, if you fish it you bought it.

I know this is a while ago, just curious do you still have the Suntech Sawanobori 63? Thanks.

is the diawa 39mc still available?