Fly Patch - I designed a gadget

I just finished designing a 3D printable fly-fishing gadget. The files are free to download and print for yourself.

:arrow_right: Fly Patch - Quickly swap flies by Guenther | Download free STL model |

I thought the minimalists here might like it. Could replace your fly box on shorter trips. Extremely compact, even smaller than an Altoids tin.

This project took about a week to complete. I have a few other gadgets in the works if people are interested.


I’m open to printing a few of these and mailing them out for a bit of cash if anyone wants one without printing it.

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Cool idea! Curious what else you’re working on.

How much are you charging for the Fly Gadget. This looks really cool.
Thank you for sharing your ideas.

I’m glad you like the idea. I thought it was pretty handy on today’s fishing trip.

As for other projects: thanks for biting. I’m working on a line spool. There’s a few really good ones on the market, but none of them have this one feature that I’ve always wanted. I’ll share more about that when it’s ready. For now the most interesting thing about my design is that the spools magnetically snap together.


Since I view this project as more a about developing design skills than profit, I’d be happy to send (a few) of these out for the lowest peice I can. In exhange, I’d like to get some feedbck after you’ve used it (to improve the design).

I can send you 2 for $5 + $10 for USPS domestic shipping. I could do this for about 10 people over the course of the next month.

Let me know if you’re interested.

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I would like to try your fly patch.


Sure, PM me your mailing address and email.

I would really like to try out your invention. Also, the reel line container is awesome looking and a great idea as well. I love seeing people create things. My skill is teaching and breaking rod tips.Do you have a paypal account?

and breaking rod tips

Me too :sweat_smile:

As for PayPal, that would be my preferred method. Go ahead and PM me your mailing address and email and then I’ll send you PayPal request.

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