For new forum members what is the process for approval to make their first post?

Recently I was contacted via PM by a new forum member who is having trouble making his first public forum post. And is gungho to contribute to the forum.

Writing he can not find anything about the process in TOS or other area of the forum. But his new post are either not appearing or in some other way blocked. This is maybe the third time I have been contacted by new members about what happens after requesting to join, and when their post will appear. I forget the process.

It seems people can register, they can send a PM messages, but there is a process delay until their public post will appear posted to the forum.

I seem to recall [maybe incorrectly] that the first 5 or so post by a new member will not appear until after they have been moderated and approved by Peder. If they have proved they are not a trouble-making spammer, and they are here to contribute to discussion of tenkara fishing any new post will immediately be posted to the forum.

Is that correct?

If not. What is the process new members go through from joining to having their first public post appear on the forum? :confused:

If the process is documented here, then maybe new members can more easily find it. And know what to expect. :grinning:

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I remember Peder giving us a site to read the rules and how to achieve different levels of membership.
Peder will know. If I am correct, go to site “maintenance & suggestions,” scroll down select “Forum Guidelines.” There is also another location of information but I do not remember where that is located.

Hi all. There should be nothing initially preventing a new user from posting. New users with a Trust Level 0 (max is level 4) can post with some limits. There are a few others, but no one has ever gotten close to meeting them. Additionally, I have checked and at this time there are no posts awaiting moderation.

Following are the basic limits for new users (TL0):

  • Minimum first post length: 20 characters
  • Cannot create new topics (also called threads from the old BB days)
  • Must wait 30 seconds before creating a new post
  • Maximum 20 posts per day until TL1 is reached
  • Maximum 20 replies per day until TL1 is reached
  • Maximum 20 PM’s per day until TL1 is reached

To achieve Trust Level 1, the following are needed:

  • Read 30 different posts
  • Read 5 different topics
  • Spend at least 100 minutes on the forum
  • Minimum 5 liked (hearted) posts

I hope this helps clear some things up.


Minimum 20 characters? Or maximum 20 characters? :thinking:

Minimum. For example, 4 five letter words.

Thanks for clarifying.
From another p.o.v. it makes sense it takes at least 4 five letters words to say something useful.

I was looking from the other p.o.v. of limiting new members from posting ‘War and Peace’ or ‘Atlas Shrugged’. Until demonstrating they intend to be good forum citizens who are actually here to contribute to tenkara fishing or related topics.

Peder, we appreciate your time and effort keeping 10CT forum available and running well. :smiley:

As an aside. Yesterday I was pleased to go fishing for 90 minutes, using a line sent to me and made by Steven G., and catching several fish while the guy on the other side of the stream fishing with a western fly rod rig, who was already there when I arrived, caught none. Proving, I think, the advantage of a tenkara rigs’ ability to keep the line off the water.

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Apologies for using this existing post as a trouble ticket, but I am a new member and do not see any option for creating a new post or topic. According to the information above, it certainly seems like I should be able to, so I’m wondering if something has changed?

Hello @Lagerratrobe and welcome to the forum.

Apologies for the delayed response. As this is a very common question, I’ve created a post about it. If you have any other questions after reading it, please ask. Thanks again for joining the forum, always happy to see new members.


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Thanks @Peder. Ironically, immediately after I sent that question, new posting was turned on in my account. I saw that post BTW and for some reason, it wasn’t clear to me after reading it that there was an initial delay in posting ability.

It might be useful to bold this sentence,

Once the above has been met you can then create a new topic/thread.

Or to move it to a more prominent location in the post. It’s easy to miss between the images.

Just a thought, thanks very much for taking the time to reply.


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