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What do you do for work? Pictures are great! Stories of trials, tribulations, funny, exciting like promotions. Post if you want to vent about work. So a thread that everyone can contribute is our own personal contributions to this wonderful world we live in.

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Today I had to drive through Death Valley top temperatures hit 113F, all I could think of is I hope I don’t pop a tire.

Presently I am a layabout. Unemployed. Retired actually.

Before that. Six years in the US Navy, 1.5 years mostly a student, the rest an electronic technician(ET)/nuclear reactor operator (RO) on a submarine. After that thirty + years FSE, field service engineer, installing and servicing diagnostic imaging equipment (mostly x-ray equipment) in numerous hospitals.

Quite fun for 26 years, the final eight years not so much. From company management to customers all were demanding an " eierlegende Wollmilchsau". [or alternatively “Wollmilchsau”, wool milk sow]

A German word for a mythical magical creature, (an egg laying wool milk sow), that can provide eggs, wool clothing or blanket, milk, ice cream, lamb chops, ham, bacon, and though it didn’t quite make it as part of the name this creature is all part cow, providing steaks, hamburger, leather goods, etc. Everything you want, need, or desire. By extension it’s a concept for something that can give you everything you need or want and do everything you want done exactly how you want it done, and do it continuously. iow, the perfect solution for every challenge in life.
However. too many people today seem to be demanding to be given an " eierlegende Wollmilchsau". :roll_eyes:

Maybe this will help understanding the concept. And how to pronounce the name.

Why do I know about this word German word?
I first heard the story from a company tech support guy from Eindhoven, the Netherlands. He joked, lamented that every radiologists / cardiologists wanted a machine that was customized to fit their wishes, plus it would include a coffee maker. The German word actually comes from a childeren’s story written, I think in the 1960s. I had forgotten the word and called a German woman, Herta, who lived near by, (sadly she recently passed away) to ask her if she knew the word I was trying to recall. She did not. But that was because she came to America before the story became widely known throughout Germany.

Another fun German word to know is - Verschlimmbesserung.
I am sure you have seen this often happen. :grin:


I am a cardiovascular technician now with a background in perfusion.

My job is not my identity.

If anything, I am a husband, father and friend.


I too am gainfully unemployed (retired). Just shy of 8 years USAF, weapons avionics on F106 interceptors, then 38 years in IT operations; midrange systems Field Engineer, in house helpdesk, desktop support/engineering, management, project management/budget, and ending up in software & hardware asset management. Now in my spare time I play electric & acoustic guitars, tenor banjo and mandolin in pit orchestras for three local theater companies and a jazz bigband; mostly gratis, sometimes paid, and volunteer as a HF radio operator for national and state emergency communications.


I taught Biology/Life Sciences for 37 years and coached cross country and track & field for 25 years. I also coached 1m and 3m springboard diving for many years. I’m retired at the moment but I have been married for 40 years and have 2 children that are married. Each child has 1 boy so I have 2 grandsons (6 months, and 16 months). I enjoy helping family, friends, and people. I attend church (64 years) and do volunteer work in the community.


I was a contractor for 16 years, house builds, remodels, additions… then I received a call from the building inspector asking if I’ve ever considered becoming an inspector. I honestly answered no never thought about it, but applied anyways. Fast forward 3 years and I’m now the senior building inspector in the second largest county in California.

I’m an avid outdoorsman and adventure. I’m married and have one kid, an amazing 16 son who is the light of my life. My wife has MS and is in a wheelchair, lots of dr appointments and time helping her. She is the strongest person I’ve ever met.

My goal in life is to be positive, active, altruistic. Of which I struggle everyday but generally succeed. I love life and appreciate every second I get upright. The outdoors, hiking, fishing, hunting, and camping is my therapy, I truly believe humans are healthier when connected to nature.


My mom had MS, I understand what helping a person with MS details.

I wish you guys well.


Thank you

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