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Hello all and Happy New Year. I’ve heard from a couple of people who asked, so I figured I would put it out there.

If anyone is interested in making a small donation to help support the costs of the forum, please send me a DM and I will tell you how to donate via PayPal. Due to the growth of the forum (25% in the past six months), I upgraded the server last month and as such, expenses increased. The forum was three years old last week, thanks to everyone.

Please note. Use of and participation in the forum is FREE and always will be. I also do not have any ads here. Donations are completely voluntary and will NEVER be required to use the forum. I want the resource to be FREE for everyone. That being said, it does cost money to keep running. All donations are very much appreciated and 100% applied to the cost of the maintaining the forum.

25% growth over the last six months is impressive, and encouraging. I wonder what is driving it? Maybe just features not available on the other types of ‘social media’ that so many people have gone to.
I also noticed some changes in the forum function recently. Now I know the server upgrade is responsible.

Anyway, I’m in.

Thanks Peder

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Yeah, OK.
But I’ve been donating heavily to the bushfire fundraisers (cause north of where I live here in Australia is still burning) so I can’t give much.

Tough situation Nick. 20 or so years ago we had extremely dry conditions here in the fall with forest fires over a large area of the state. The air was smoky here for a month, the smoky air also covered adjacent states. But it was not as severe as what you have been experiencing in Australia.

Hopefully after it is over things will bounce back in spectacular unexpected ways. As happened here after the large fires in Yellowstone Park or in the area around Mt. St. Helens after the volcano explosion years ago.

Thanks for your kind consideration, @nick_pavlovski. As stated, donations are not required nor expected. In good conscience, I cannot accept your generous offer. Please help your fellow Aussies. People have lost their homes, businesses, and lives. This is just a hobby. Several people had asked, so I decided to just put it out there instead of keep repeating myself.

In case anyone here is interested in helping out Aussies in need, please consider starting a new thread and sharing some links with us.

Thanks to the enormous generosity of a number of members on the forum, I prepaid for the forum server for the next 8 months! Thanks everyone, that is enormously helpful and greatly appreciated. I filled in the remaining four months and pre-paid until this time next year.

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