Fujino Tenkara Midi Soft Type tapered line

Found this posted March 7th, on troutinfo . Appears to be similar to the Fujino Soft Tenkara line, Only a different color. Green instead of orange. And comes in different choices of length. I have the Soft Tenkara lines, never tried the previously available Midi lines.

フジノ テンカラミディ ソフトタイプ Fujino Tenkara Midi Soft Type



Have had the Midi for years. The Midi lines are a slightly harder nylon than the Soft lines. This appears to be the Soft nylon formulation in the Midi green color.

I just noticed a post about this line dated 5 April on Takahashi Yoshida-san’s blog. It seems to also say what Chris does above. Apparently Yoshida-san has been involved with the design of the lines from my understanding of what’s written.

@CM_Stewart Do you or are you going to carry this line?

I’ll order some and see what they’re like. I really like the Fujino White line, which is also the “soft” formulation. Easy for me to see against the water, and harder for fish to see with the bright sky as a background.

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Thanks. That’s good to know.