Fun video I found, featuring fine mode nagare

Dude catches a ton of oikawa (right?), And some other fish that put an awesome bend in his hae rod.
This is my first time to see one of the fine mode nagare/flow in use, this is nissin’s entry level seiryu rod… The 3.3m is like ¥8000 and sounds pretty awesome. Rod in the video is 5.4 2-way.


Interesting fish. According to wiki the adult fish prefer fast flowing freshwater, and they are a popular target for fly fishermen.

The KENTANTAI 健啖隊 けんたんたい YouTube Channel gets a lot of views. The five videos uploaded within the last week each have over 15k views. His cat is often ungrateful. When I fish the small stream in front of my house my cat is an enthusiastic observer, wants in on the action, but is much more agreeable. Maybe that’s due to me not giving him live fish.


Yeah his videos are a riot and the cat is loads of fun to watch.
I’m thinking this rod is similar to the sagiri… Similar tippet rating, similar weight, same target fish.
I have zero need for another rod in this class but it sounds interesting.

I used to carry the Fine Mode Nagare. They are quite a bit softer and more full flex than the Sagiri. Closer to your Air Stage medium, but maybe even a bit more full flex.

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Haha that sounds incredibly soft. Would probably be awesome with panfish and Redeye Bass…