Furled or level line

Fishing 6’ and 8’ Tenkara, very small wooded stream. Size 20 and 22 drys and nymphs. Very little casting room. This scenario only. Would you use Furled or level line?

Probably level. It’s just more delicate all the way around, especially with those tiny flies.
I think in tight quarters every edge you can get, the better, although “very little casting room” can be very subjective. That’s just me though.

I use level in North Georgia where I do occasionally run into some tight rhododendron tunnels.
It’s just not quite as “floppy” which I like, feel I can control it better.

I’ve kind of moved my furled line fishing for species that aren’t line/leader shy - like bass, bream, etc…
Not likely what you’d find in your wooded stream.

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A short level line would be my choice.

I use Level Furled lines (my own manufacture) on each of my rods, long (Amago)and short (Badger Scout). Doesn’t need to be an ‘either/or’ question.

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I would pick a level line to start but would have a furled line as a backup, just in case.
I normally carry some 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, and several furled lines when I go fishing. They do not
weigh very much and at least I have them it the need requires me to switch. I use the Boy
Scout’s motto: Be Prepared. :wolf:

A search will reveal a post by DWalker on furled lines and casting dynamics influenced by size of line,size of fly…etc. My lightest furled lines are 6 strands (two lays) of .006".
And vary from 10’ to 14’ .