Gifu prefecture fishing?

I am planning my summer trip back home to Alabama to visit my family, but want to take a detour through Japan for some fishing.
I can get a cheap flight to Nagoya from here (Korea), or Tokyo as well, before bouncing over to the USA.
From Nagoya, it’s super duper easy to get up into Gifu, where there are lots of awesome little towns to use as a base- Gujo, Takayama, etc etc etc.

I have been talking to Jun Maeda and Go Ishii, neither is sure about their plans for June-July timeframe yet, but will try to meet up with one or both of them if possible.

Anybody have any specific intel or advice about these areas? My plan is suuuuuuuuuper rough draft at the moment. I would love to venture into the Kurobe Gorge, but that’s on the wrong side of Japan for where I can cheaply fly into, and don’t want to burn a bunch of Yen and time working my way over there.

Alternatively, what about down near Osaka/Kyoto? Basically I want to fly into one of the main air hubs (FUK, OSA, NGO, NRT) and get to some good fishing area(s) using public transportation. I could rent a car I guess, I forgot that my IDP should still be good.

From what I understand Kurobe is only safely accessible after August due to the massive snow fall not melting off until then. Itoshiro seems to be the go to location in Gifu (the first 20km if the river are in Gifu - the rest is in Fukui Pref.) and Go is certainly the man to take you there.
Hakusanchukyo Shrine
3−48 Shirotorichō Itoshiro, Gujō-shi, Gifu-ken 501-5231, Japan

As an alternative, a friend of mine has family who lives near Maruoka Castle, 霞町-1-59 丸岡町 Sakai-shi, Fukui-ken 910-0231, Japan and he said the fishing around there was really good. I never got to check it out though so I’m going off of his word…

When I was driving from Nara back to Tokyo some of the rivers around there looked rad. Going through my collection of Genryu (Headwaters) magazines the Spring 2015 issue has an inspiring article about the Kamikitayama
上北山村 region. Sebata-san was featured fishing there no less… Kamikitayama
Yoshino District, Nara Prefecture, Japan
EDIT: During an off season bbq Go mentioned that he had special ordered the squid we were grilling from Mie Pref. and everyone started chiming in about how great the fishing around there was. I would definitely love to spend a full season exploring that area… Izu was great but too close to Tokyo imho. I am not a betting man but I would wager that the Mie/Nara coast rivers are phenomenal.

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Meet Jun Maeda-san say hello from Russia.


I just realized that my AAA IDP is probably still good in June, that makes things MUCH much easier, since renting a car in Japan is cheaper than here in Korea. I can fly into either Osaka or Nagoya and easily drive up into a lot of cool places.
Go did tell me Itoshiro would be a great place to hit.

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Chris, good luck on your trip. I had a monocular with me, it helped a lot with scouting. I also used this book.

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That’s weird the link above is http but when you click on it it opens as https. Edit the link in your browser to remove the “s” and it should work.

actually it might be due to some stupid web filtering that just got fired up here in Korea, blocking a lot of HTTPS traffic

No, I don’t think so. I get the same error @chris_lynch. It’s odd that they’re blocking https and not http, I would have thought it the other way around. @fallfishtenkara I switched it to http and it automatically reverts back to https. Although, despite the errors, the document still downloads.

Here it is if you cannot access it.

Wild-Trout-Trust-Itoshiro.pdf (1.8 MB)

That is really strange. I used to have my website on https to increase SEO… But it cost too much money so I reverted back to http. I’ve gone through my site and fixed all the links I could find but every once in a while I find one that I missed. I went through my CDN and DNS providers this morning and made a few tweaks, but it may take a day or two to propagate :slightly_frowning_face:

Thank you for downloading it to the forum @Peder

Edit: Anyways, enough of my highjacking the thread… on to Gifu Pref. fishing ideas :blush:

Chris san l hope you will enjoy the trip in Japan in summer. I live in Kyoto and enjoy fish “ko-ayu “means small Ayu at Lake Biwa in summer.that’s not Tenkara but is really fun fishing . If you are interested in ko -ayu fishing . Maybe l can give you some information! You may copy and paste these words in YouTube "小鮎釣り琵琶湖"and Check some videos


Oooooh I love Kyoto, and I love (eating) Ayu. I was already thinking about spending a day or two in Kyoto, maybe I will see you?

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If you have a one day for Lake Biwako You will enjoy Ko-Ayu Fishing easily without special equipment. It takes about two hours from Kyoto by car. If the day was Thursday I could go with you. I ‘m going to Biwako every Thursday from March to September .


Thank you!

I just started booking tickets and hotels.

June 1 I will land at Chubu Nagoya airport (NGO), rent a kei car and drive up into Gifu. June 1-3 I will be camping I think.
June 3-4 I have a Ryokan booked in Gujo-Hachiman, overlooking the river.

June 4 I will fly to USA.
June 25 I will fly back to Nagoya, and take Shinkansen over to Kyoto.
June 26-29 I have Ryokan booked in Kyoto- we can meet up and fish, would be a lot of fun!


It’s the best season
It will be a wonderful fishing pleasure


June 27th Thursday!!!
Yes I will enjoy with you! Might be a Good season for Ayu fishing but also rainy season.
I hope the weather will be fine!
This is my Ko Ayu fishing blog in June last year.


This is a nice Video about Craftmen in Gujo Nagara River .


Looks like Gujo area is VERY popular for Ayu in the summer time. From things I have been reading, everybody goes to that area for Ayu, which means there are less people in the mountain streams for trout at that time.

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郡上 アマゴ釣り
Chris San Copy upper words and paste into Google.