Goofing around with patterns

Did a quick video messing around with some Shetland spindrift and a traditional caddis pattern.


Nice one. I’m not one for adaptation but I enjoy what you did and how you presented it.

Thanks for sharing.

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Nice!. Wool is underrated. Last summer I spent a month or so using just spindrift/thread and a little glue (sometimes some hackle fibers for tails) on Trico/BWO and some caddis patterns. Not kebari or anything traditional, or even pretty, but they were effective and tied in the form of “the usual” that certainly fits the simplicity and minimalist theme. An angler a bit east of here is offering wool from his farm that is a neat material to work with as well ( @electricfleece on Instagram.


Nice combination materials, colors, profile, and technique! I like the flash in Antron and Ice Dubbing. So do fish :cowboy_hat_face: .

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