Gotō Yōko 後藤陽子 interview on Fishing-V

Many of you may have read Adam’s interview of Gotō Yōko [ 後藤陽子] in the Spring issue of Tenkara Angler or on his blog in June 2017.

Earlier I was playing around with the Japanese word for Wolf [ 狼 「Ōkami、おおかみ」] which lead to to discovering this interview of Gotō Yōko. I have seen the fishing-v website before. I think the host of the show were interviewing either Horie Keigu or Katayama Etsuji, but I think it was Katayama-san or maybe someone else.

Anyway the name of the show seems to be 五畳半の狼, Wolf of % Tatami Mats, I guess. With the Fishing Wolf.
I have more difficulty translating the title of the interview

狼的 女テンカラ師 陽子参上 - Wolf Like Female Tenkara Master Yōko sanjō, I guess.
But google also gives me Lonely Woman Female Tenakra Master, possible I guess, and Lunatic Female Tenkara Master, which I decided was probably quite bogus. ~*~

Of course the interview is all in Japanese. But still it’s nice to put the sound a voice with the name and face. Probably the more interesting stuff to see, if you don’t understand spoken Japanese is to jump ahead to the 11 minute mark. After which is a discussion of Kebari tying, some fish art which I assume is her own, Mr Sebata, and some hunting photos. If you read Adam’s interview you will recall that she is also a hunter. Modern day matagi. [又鬼] :wink:

~*~ A little fun Japanese language insight:
狼 [ ōkami] means wolf. But how to translate 狼的 [ōkami-teki] is not obvious with out a little insight to the written language.
Turns out that the kanji 的 can be read and used two way. By itself 的 is read as mato [まと]
meaning target. But the same kanji 的 is often used as a noun suffix, to convert a noun into an adjective. And read as teki [てき].

For example: 喜び [Yorokobi] = Joy. But 喜び的 [Yorokobi-teki] = Joyful. 犬 [inu] is dog, and 犬的 [ inu-teki] like a dog. 圧倒 [ Attō] overwhelm, and 圧倒的 [ Attō attōteki] overwhelming.

What is the best way to translate 狼的 [ Ōkami-teki] ? Probably Wolf-like, but I guess it could also be Wolf’s Target (for the intervew)


Oh , and I figured out the interview I had see before on the fishing-v website. It was an interview of Hayashi Kenzō-san [ 林 謙三さん ] .
Video #599 林 謙三(奥鬼怒岩魚保存会 副会長)(1)

You can see him hand winding a kebari [ 毛鉤手巻き] in this video - 秋山郷伝承毛針 [Akiyamago traditional kebari]

Or do an internet search with - 林 謙三さん ・毛鉤手巻き [ Hayashi Kenzō-san Kebari Hand wound]


More female interviews are in the cue.

I appreciate the bump David, Yoko-san interview was fun. She has good teachers.

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