Goture - cheap rods

So a few months ago as a novelty I bought a cheap rod for $15.99 shipped.

The crazy thing is …its not bad and comes with a backup top three sections.
The whole thing is cheaper than buying one section of any normal rod…hahahaha.

It was a 10 ft telescopic carp rod. I took it fishing. I have not caught on it yet, but I was able to cast it fine and it seemed to work fine. It was more like a keiryu rod where it is a bit more of a fast action or tip flex.

I will update this thread when I actually catch some fish with it.

I would never recommend this as an alternative to a legitimate tenkara or keiryu rod but for the price you can certainly fish it and buy heavier rods to try for larger species.

Here is a link…each color rod is its own category with their own sizes and specs…there is a lot to explore there if you wanted.


Awesome! Those herabuna rods are very similar to Tenkara rods (I hope I didn’t offend anyone too
much by saying that😬). I have two bamboo ones that were given to me as a gift. I brought to hand a 20inch stocked rainbow with one. The balance is a little off though with those handles as they aren’t really meant to be cast all that much…