Grandpa's tenkara fishing じいちゃんのテンカラ釣り series

The first two videos of a planned series of videos about tenkara fishing as learned from grandfathers.

The first video was uploaded to YT four days ago. The second video yesterday.

Subject to my wrong translation from video description notes:

The author appears to be 6th generation host of the Lamp Inn. Watarai Onsen (hot spring) in Gifu Prefecture…

That features : isolation, no cell phones, no refrigeration, no electric power grid connection (only operating an electric power generator from 15:00 → 22:00). Other times only living by lamp light.
[ I know a bit about that sort of thing. I can remember visiting my step-grandfather after dark on the farm in Ohio, and all they had was kerosene lamps. No electric power on the farm until my stepfather purchased the farm, probably about 1960 ~ 62] Also our vacation house in Pocahontas County has some of the same features; isolation and no cell phone towers. And it only had running water added about 18 years ago.

渡合温泉, Watarai Onsen ランプの宿 Lamp Inn homepage:

第1弾 は 竿作り編です! First part rod making edition!
Actually he is making the handle for the rod. From Sawara cypress wood,[ Chamaecyparis pisifera, I think] His method and skill reminds me very much of the similar method and skills used in Indonesia, Malaysia making handles and parang sheaths from rough wood stock.

第2弾 は糸作り編です! Second part Ito making edition.
じいちゃんのテンカラ釣り 馬の毛で道糸を作る
Grandpa’s tenkara horse hair line making.

The youtube author has uploaded 2 more videos thus far, but they are not tenkara related. One is an introduction to charcoal kotatsu, 豆炭コタツ, (the heaters under the low tables with the insulating skirt), the other is about the lamps at inn.

Hopefully the YT author will keep with his goal and upload more grandpa’s tenkara videos. :wink:

For comparison - check out these wood working skills.
You can find other examples with an internet or youtube search for:
Proses pembuatan gagang sarung parang [ = process making handle sheath (scabbard) parang ].

They make it look easy. Don’t they?
I’m tempted to try learning first hand just how difficult it really is, but I’m pretty much in favor of keeping all my fingers the same length the building plan specifies. :wink: :worried:

btw - what has changed in the forum video configuration?
Recently I noticed after a post is made you can no longer see the thumb nail image for videos in a post, but the thumb nail image is visible in the preview window before the post is saved. Or is it just my computer that has the video window blacked out now?


Nothing to my knowledge. I see the thumbnail to all of your videos just fine. Have you updated to the most recent version of your browser? Are you still having problems with your iPad like you were before?

Well, OS is up to date on my Macbook. Firefox was updated a week or so back. It happens on the macbook on some post, but not others. My other stuff is mostly out of date. Updates often change things to something I don’t like, so I skip them until forced to update, and I mostly find the fear mongering about the dangers of not updating not true. I’ve had no problems. Virus scans only find the occasional spyware file. It’s not a big deal. Just something I noticed a couple of days ago. But kind of weird the thumb nail image if visible in the preview window, but not in the saved post. Electronic, software stuff frequently does odd things.

Super simple old-fashioned fly making

It seems to have been fished in a mountain stream of Watarai using this fly from the old days.
By all means I hope everyone will try it and try tenkara fishing.
Next time, we will go to the river in the practical section.
Look forward to it!

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Well doggies. Very strange. After about a week of video thumbnail images being blacked out, today the video thumbnail images are visible again. Logged in or not logged in. The traditional FM of electric stuff, I guess.

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