Guadalupe River, Texas

my lovely wife and i have spent the last few days on the guadalupe river in gruene (pronounced green), texas. it is a popular tubing river but it is also great for fishing. it is the only trout fishery in texas where trout actually survive the summer and become “wild”. the portion of the river with trout comes from the bottom of canyon lake. that is why the water is cold enough. i read somewhere that by mile 7 the water warms up to 72.
it was a learning curve for me. my normal waters i can fish my pole length level line and reach every nook and cranny of the water. i get on this river and that is just too short. most of it is wading but some of the bigger pools i couldn’t reach across so i tied on 22’ of #3 and spent a few minutes relearning my cast. i finally was able to reach across the pools. caught some sunfish, bass, and my largest rio cichlid to date. i caught them on futsu kebari i tied.

my wife sits in the tube while i fish. we are both relaxing and enjoying ourselves.


this is dam at the bottom of the lake.