Handmade Dr. Ishigaki type fly box

I’d probably be to lazy to make a project like this. However, I do hope that over the cold months I will finally get round to attempting to make a wooden case for my Japanese type thread cutting scissors, 糸切りハサミ, Ito-kiri hasami. Maybe even with a shirt pin.

Actually he calls the box he made a jewelry box, inspired by Dr. Ishigaki’s kebari box.
But at the end he does provide details of how he would make it differently to make an actual kebari box, thinner wood, more durable finish, etc. Maybe a project for the wood workers.

I departed Pocahontas County for home yesterday afternoon just in time to avoid 15 - 20˚ F temperatures and more snow. yep had a little snow a week ago. Just after lots of rain brought river water levels back up to spring time levels, water up to the bank brush roots, leaving me with few places to stand and fish, and water to swift to wade. Luckily I could still go for day hikes in cool dry weather. :smile: