Happy New Year & Thank you

I want to wish all of you a Happy New Year and hope that it will be peaceful, healthy, successful, and full of fishing.

Additionally, within the next couple of weeks, the 10 Colors Tenkara forum will celebrate it’s first year anniversary and I want to thank everyone who has participated and/or spent any time here (yes, even you lurkers) over the past year. It has helped make this site successful. Please share the site with others to continue growing it and improving it.

If you have gotten anything of value out of this forum, please consider making a donation via the PayPal link above. No donation is too small (or too large!) and all donations go directly to the cost of maintaining this site.

Thank you to all who have donated throughout this past year to help me get this site going. Without you, this wouldn’t have survived this long. I am extremely grateful.


Thank you again for creating and maintaining this great forum. Happy to donate!


Thank you for all of your time, efforts, and patience.


Thank you for keeping the light on. I enjoy this place.

10 Colors

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Thank you for letting me know the restoration of TF and this site opening
Being able to participate is a very good time for me

Happy to support you guys with a donation.



It seems that civilization has not arrived yet in Japan :scream:

Happy new year!
In these days I’m getting ready for a bar exam, so I have no time for tying kebari and I don’t often go fishing.
I hope you all will be happy in 2018!

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I took care of it for you. :+1:


I can’t find the words to express my gratitude :hugs:

Thank you very much @Joakim

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I enjoy you being here so I’m happy to do it!

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