Happy Thanksgiving 2020 everyone

I just want to say Happy Thanksgiving to all the members. Even though 2020 has been crazy and challenging in many ways, we still have a lot to be thankful for this year. My Grandfather would say,
“At least you are on the right side of the grass.” Take care and help others around you.


Happy thanksgiving and happy holidays Mike.


Thank you for starting this thread, and it has made me think deeply about what’s in store for the next couple months.
It will be unfortunate that this will, of necessity, going to be a greatly subdued holiday season. But I am old enough to remember as a small child hearing my parents generation talking about the greatly diminished holidays they experienced during the dark days of WWII.
What I remembered most vividly, and it has greatly influenced me throughout my life, was that they didn’t recall those holidays as much for all that they were deprived of, as for how everyone pulled together and helped each other make the best of such a horrible situation. How families, communities, and the entire nation made do, and by doing so became a better version of themselves.
My hope and wish for us all is that we will emulate that generation…
Perhaps, in some sort of tragic way, we will come out of this better people than we were going into it.
I for one will do my best.
Best wishes and happy holidays.


Happy Thanksgiving ! Pray everyone has a safe and enjoyable Holiday. God bless.

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