Do any of you have an inexpensive barbless hook that you like to buy and use.?

I would consider any hook under 20 cents per hook an inexpensive hook. Like 50 hooks for 10 bucks.

I know not all hooks are created equal, so not just looking for bargains…but where quality and bargain meet.

In the past, I just bought a variety of hooks from different companies. I like tiemco, but they are expensive.
dakota angler has these jig hooks that I like. I am lookinf for something similar but with a straight eye like a pupa hook.

I really like Firehole Outdoors hooks.

They have several straight eye options. $10/50 hooks

These are nice.




Order placed. They look great!

I pretty much only use their hooks now. Customer service is excellent and after the very initial run of hooks when they first started the business, the quality of the hooks has also been great. Not to mention they keep adding new hook shapes at least twice a year (though I personally expect that will likely slow down at some point).


Good to know.

My pocketbook thanks you.

They will also look handsome in the trees and streambottoms.

Haha. Maybe your next step will be to work on retrieving those flies from the trees! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Although, I will say, the type of wading staff like @tvdavisid uses is extremely effective for that purpose.

Glad you’re happy about the hooks. You’ll have to share your creations with us once they arrive.

I liked his staff so much I made one like it :rofl:

I’m not a big help with hooks. I tend to buy very cheap ones lol. They have worked for me. My tying hasn’t been good enough for me to get any more expensive hooks yet haha.

I do a decent job…retrieving my flies. The ones that go high or deep out of reach are the ones even a walking stick cannot retrieve.

I cannot see carrying a stick around in addition to a rod. I know a lot of people do it…but it is not for me. Trying to haul less not more. I have decent balance even in heavy water.

Just giving you a hard time.

I observed how fervently you extracted flies from trees when we were fishing together.

It happens to all of us.

“Trees dont fish. I want my flies back.” says my tiny brain behind the beedie eyes.


Another vote for Firehole. I’m a really big fan of the 633. They’re a very heavy wire 1X long with a wide gape, so you can almost go down a size to match conventional hook sizes if you feel the need. Though I just run with them as-is.
And yes - they are “Stupid Sharp” exactly as advertised.

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I agree with you @creekside_robb . That’s my favorite of theirs too.

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another vote on Firehole. @creekside_robb told me about them a while ago and they are my main hooks now…except when I am doing my North Country Spiders :slight_smile:

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I’ve been getting mine from Allen Fly Fishing