How do i identify extra rod tips

i was diggin thru my fishin stuff last night and found a tip section in a clear tube. unfortunately i did not label it. is there an easy was to identify which rod it goes to?

This is going to sound pretty simplistic, but compare it with all your other rod tips, carefully checking overall tip length, lillian color, lillian to rod tip glue joint, lillian diameter, etc. If you find one that is a perfect match, see if the tip in question fits properly in the #2 section of that particular rod. If the unknown tip is a perfect match and fits the #2 section. That’s probably what it is. If it doesn’t match any of your other rod tips, and if you have a rod that is missing a tip, see if it fits the #2 section. If it fits the #2 section AND it is not longer than the #2 section, that’s probably enough evidence to identify it.


I would also use a micrometer (manual/digital) for an exact measurement. Measure the extra tip and measure the others to see what it matches. Sometimes you will notice it can be used for several other rods. Tom Davis mentioned this with several of his rods, he would substitute a tip for another tip to get the characteristics he desired in a rod. You can tell Tom has a brilliant mind from his curiosity and tinkering of gear. Good luck Neil.

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