How one guy modified two rods

These are old blog post that I run across now and again. Kind of interesting how he modifies these two rods.
I haven’t found both rod models, but one of them is or was a スズミ・春 光 320 Sparrow Spring Light 320.
Similar to one of the 2 rods on this auction site. スズミ (Suzumi) Sparrow.

It is an interesting blog,
Valley Tenkara Fishing, Sometimes camping and hill climbing. (I guess)
But it has not been updated since June 2015. Presently dormant.

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Thanks. :smile_cat:

テンカラ竿で木製グリップ , Tenkara Rod with wooden grip

「テンカラグリップ」は製作中です Tenkara Grip under construction:

タイイングキャビネット Tying Cabinet

This next link is also about the blogger making a wooden grip for his tenkara rod. It does not have any details about how he made it. But this post turns up once in a while during my google searches, and I always find it kind of cool. It is one of those - it’s a small world post. Because of what he wrote in the blog post.


When living in the United States, I was aware of trout
It is the first time I went to visit a friend in West Virginia . . . . . .
It was headwaters rather than a mountain stream,
So I experienced Tenkara Fishing for the first time.

Is that not strange? A guy from Japan is introduced to Tenkara on a stream in my home state. :smiley:

In this case he adapted a Hae Rod (ハエ竿) into a tenkara rod. Which is a popular choice. I have seen many web pages where Hae Rods were modified and fished tenkara style.