How or where to buy Discover Tenkara flies/kebari

Hopefully this is enough on topic to post here…

Is there an internet source for buying these kebari? I’m not interested in tying my own but would love to add a few of these to my fly box.

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I’m not 100% certain @mak1277 , but I think you can buy a variety of kebari direct from the Discover Tenkara website shop. Unless there’s someone on the forum here that would tie them and sell them to you. You’ll have to dig around. There are also a number of folks who tie flies and kebari that you could possibly do a custom order from. You can do an internet search or go to Etsy or someplace like that.

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rob is a member here and he ties some beautiful flies. If you cannot find what you like you might be able to ask him to tie something specific.


Out of stock at the moment. Unless I’m mistaken, the kebari tied in the video are the ones in this collection.

But other smaller sets, of the same kebari in the larger set are in stock.


David has nailed it as usual - each of the shirt-pocket box collections can be combined to make up the full collection - or you can just pick and choose between the types that you prefer.

They are tied in Derbyshire, England and, at the same time, I will say that Rob Chunco certainly ties a fine kebari (Stateside kebari-brother-from-another-mother :slight_smile: )

It is just that we are out of the bamboo boxes for the masters sets currently - but that will be fixed as soon as JP gets back from a trip with his wife who is recovering from illness.



Thanks for the kind words, gentlemen!
I certainly do not want to take business away from the DT guys, but I can help out with anything you might need. Custom orders are available too, provided I have the materials needed or can get them without too much trouble.

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