How to cook rice learned from akita-matagi(秋田マタギ)

Japanese staple food is rice as you know

If there is even rice, I’m supper with wild vegetables and iwana

Seasoning is miso (味噌)

How to cook rice

The only tool is tenugui (手拭い)

90cm×35㎝ It is a cotton cloth.

1, Dampen rice with water of a mountain stream

2, digging a hole in the dry river bed

3, wrap the rice in tenugui and put it in that hole

4, with a lid on the stone

5, put a dry branch on it and give a fire

The beginning of the supper by this


I am greatly intrigued by this todoroki34. I have a few questions:

Will this work in sand too? Or does it work better in gravel?

A tenugui 手拭い is very thin will it hold enough moisture to properly rehydrate the rice, or are you partially relying on moisture in the soil to rehydrate the rice too?

How much rice should you cook? 100 grams? 200 grams?..

Thank you for your interest

I cook rice from 150ℊ(1合) to 225 ℊ(1.5合)

wet-rice and wrap it in TENUGUI

steam it with the moisture in the soil

you can do it well with gravel and sand

Japanese Fishing License ------------

It has been managed for each river by the Fisheries Cooperative Association

Fisheries Cooperative Association 内水面漁業協同組合
In many cases you can purchase at a convenience store near the river

In most cases
Flag is 「遊漁券 販売所」- yūryōken hanbaisyo
You can also get a detailed map for free

1day Trout Fishing License (日釣 券-hituri ken)
It is about 1500 yen ~ 2000 yen

There are rivers where management is divided finely

Most of the Trout fishing season is from March 1st to the end of September
but Nagano is a little bit happy because it is February 16th :smile:

Your blog is amazing

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Over the past year or two I have become pretty successful at cooking rice Japanese style, at home on the stove, as recommended by Keiichi-san in a post on the Tenkara-fisher forum.
( I think the key steps are: a) don’t use to much water, about 1:1 ratio, depending on type of rice , b) soak the rice for 30 - 60 minutes before cooking it)

However, the above video is intended to show how to cook rice in a mess kit or Hangou (ハンゴウ/ 飯盒). Good for when carrying your cooking kit.

But a hangou is thin metal. I think the rice actually cooks much better in a pot with thick metal bottom…

Steaming rice below a wood fire is an interesting method I was not familiar with.
Seems to be similar to the method shown in this video. Where she steams the rice in a plastic bag.

However, I think steaming the rice in a damp towel (tenugui / てぬぐい) in soft sand or gravel, below a stone, with wood fire on top - would be easier than in the hard ground as shown in this video. She certainly did not need many tools to cook her rice.

You mentioned using Miso Seasoning. If you like Miso (味噌) I found this interesting rice variation that would match well if you already have a wood fire going.

Miso Kiritanpo ( 味噌きりたんぽ )

To find other methods of making Miso Kiritanpo try doing an internet search for -
How to make Miso Kiritanpo or in Japanese - 味噌きりたんぽ 作り方 .

Explanation Thank you

tenugui is an old story of the hunting people

you can also warm emergency food with light equipment

The way to cook delicious rice is・・・
I like to cook rice in a pot :smiley:
It will be very sweet and fragrant

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Would it be okay with you if I use this info for the fishing license page on my site?

Thank you todoroki34 for the kind words :slight_smile: It has been a lot of fun building Fallfish Tenkara (FfT)

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Thanks for sharing dwalker :smile: I am going camping in a few weeks, I will try this :yum:

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This past winter in February I went on a ski trip to Akita Prefecture. We stayed at a lodge テレマーク山荘森吉山 The okami-san at the lodge made us きりたんぽ (minus the miso) the first night. First time I had whale was there too. They were delicious I LOVE Japanese food :yum:

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of course :smile:

I think
post to this forum is a thing of all participants


Thank you for agreeing

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I use a hango and I also do shioyaki.

Thank you.

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While this video is a little silly (in my opinion, at least), I do think the translation is good and shows how to cook rice with a hango (or mess kit as they translate it) over a campfire. Not to mention, make it look easy.

Although, the Japanese sounds like it is either being read by a computer or someone who doesn’t know Japanese very well.


Certainly it is.

Those who are not native language
But I know he is who speak in very polite :thinking:

Thank you for confirming this.


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Thanks for speaking here even if the languages are different from each other

Keiichi teaches us about it too.

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For those like me, who think in Cups and do not think in X cc,

  • let’s see, how many cups is 540cc anyway?
    The key to remember is [1合ご飯] 1-Gō rice = 180cc rice = ~ 3/4 cups. Making 1 cup about 240cc.

And 1-Gō rice (uncooked) is supposed to make the correct amount of cooked rice for 1 person. Though it is more than I can eat at one meal. So, let’s seen now 540 cc is 2 1/4 cups = 3-Gō [3合]
And that is why if you buy a rice cooker, such as a Zojirushi model, it may come with a little measuring cup that is the size of 1 Gō.

I thought the 飯ごうでご飯を炊こう, In a Hangō let’s cook rice, video was pretty good.
I am a little surprised I don’t recall seeing it before.