Huge fly tying lot $400.00 SOLD

The price is a lot but I am including shipping. This is what you will get. A Dyna-King Supreme fly tying vise with bobbin and waste basket($340.00). Magellan fly vest($30.00); 2 bottles of head cement; 1 bottle of Xink sinkant; 1 bottle of Gink floatant; tippet eye threader; dry fly patch; fly box with over 50 dry flies and over 50 terrestials, wets, and streamers in double clear fly box; another double clear fly tying box; standard fly tying box with four foam inserts; nail knot tool; loop knot tool; tippet holder with D-ring; Waspi premium dubbing wax tube; Loon Payette Paste tube; 2 FULL PATRIDGE SKINS(1 NEW AND 1 BARELY USED); 5 BRONZE GRADE DRY FLY HACKLE(WHITE; BROWN; BLACK; DUN; AND GRIZZLY); 4 retractable zingers; 2 CERAMIC BOBBINS; flared steel bobbin; hemostats; whip finisher tool; hackle pliers; dubbing loop tool; tweezers with bead holder; 2 half hitch tools; bodkin; hair stacker; 4 pkgs of 2.4mm tungsten beads; 1 pkg of 5/64" tungsten beads; 1 pkg of silver tungsten beads; 2 pkgs of gold tungsten beads; 1 pkg of copper tungsten beads; 1 pkg of black tungsten beads; 1 pkg of copper cyclops brass beads 5/32"; 1 pkg of silver brass beads 3/32". 3 spools of 0.15 lead wire; 4 spools of UTC wire(sliver and red are XS; Gold is Small; and copper is brassie); 1 pkg of 2.5 mm tippet rings and 1 pkg of 2.0 mm rings at least 10 per pkg; 28 SPOOLS OF UTC THREAD IN A MIX OF 70 AND 140; 2 tenkarabum tactical nymphing siters .013; 2 pkgs of lighting strike bio indicator yarn (white is used orange is new); TIPPETS (MOST ARE NEW AND A FEW HAVE BEEN SLIGHTLY USED) 4 spools of 5x flouro; 5 spools of 4x flouro; 3 spools of 3x flouro; spool of 2x flouro; 3 spools of 5x mono; 4 spools of 6x mono; spool of 7x mono; spool of 8x mono; 2 spools of Cortland white indicator mono .013; STREAMSIDE FURLED KEVELAR 15 FT ROCKET FORWARD LINE; large natural bucktail new; 3 large new pkgs of Marabou (black; white; and olive); 2 INDIAN HEN BACKS ( CRAWDAD ORANGE AND SPECKLED BROWN); loose pkg of brown partridge hackle; 5 pkgs of deer hair (3 natural; orange; and red); 3 large pkgs of peacock herl; 3 packages of brown goose biots and 3 packages of white goose biots; 4 pkgs of ultra chenille(olive, 2 white; pink); box of superfine rabbit dubbing with 12 colors; 3x Semperfli hackle wrap pkgs slightly used; black super floss pkg; brown rubber leg hackle; DRY FLY HOOKS( SIZE 12(150); SIZE 14(100); SIZE 16(150); SIZE 18(100); WET FLY HOOKS( SIZE 10(100); SIZE 12(175); SIZE 14(210); SIZE 16(145); SIZE 18(40). As you can see this a EXPERT TENKARA PACKAGE, JUST NEED A ROD. THANKS