Husband and wife's Tenkara Journey. Fishing in Gifu

I’m sure the pictures are from earlier years. But the Tsuribito posted date is Feb. 28. 2018.
However, this is not a story about only Daniel & Margret Galhardo. The 3d wheel is Dr. Ishigaki.

[Danieru Garuharudo-san to Māgaretto-san.
& 石垣さん [Ishigaki-san].

Three of us who continue even now , Children (son & daughter / relationship.

As always, the digital translation is a bit weird in places. And a better digital translation can be coaxed out by copying and pasting individual paragraphs or sentences into a translation window.

Web.Tsuribito Yamame, Iwana, Amago fishing in Gifu / Husband and Wife Tenkara Way

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