I hate snakes

The worst part is that when I’m with my three year old I have to keep calm and can’t scream like a little girl and take off running.


I ran into a beauty of a little (12 inch) rattler yesterday. She ran away from me before I could get her picture. Snakes are no issue for me; spiders on the other hand (especially if one drops on my shirt while I’m bushwhacking) give me the willies!


Yeah, I’m not a fan either. There are mostly copperheads where I am and they creep me out, but even the non-venomous snakes make me want to never leave the house.

Here’s a couple I found yesterday:

@tvdavisid, I can’t deal with the spiders either. @arrowrand mentioned that he doesn’t want to leave his house. Well, yesterday I almost grabbed this while reaching for a screwdriver…

Between the snake, the spider and the bobcat we saw in the backyard this week, I’m considering a move to the space station.

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I share your pain.

I saw two, 6’ plus, larger around than a baseball bat, easily doing 25mph in the grass.

I was 10’ high in a AC cab of a giant tractor mowing the grass.

They were black and shined.

No like.

Could have outran a small motorcycle.

Probably just ate a small deer.

No like.

Thumbs down.

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I love snakes. Since I was about 3 years old, I have always been fascinated with snakes. My grandmother took me to a snake show in Florida when I was 3 and I jumped out of her arms and ran to the stage to let the man place a snake on my shoulders. It was love at first sight. I saved a 5 ft. (+) timber rattlesnake last spring on the Blue Ridge Parkway. He was laying across the road so I took my walking stick and moved him to the other side of the road so that a car wouldn’t kill this beautiful snake. The timber rattlesnake is one of my favorite snakes in VA. What is your favorite snake? :snake: I also had 5 different species of tarantulas as pets along with a red haired bat. Animals are awesome.


I want to be like you.

Maybe not love, tolerate…

But I do wish that I had more tolerance for them.

I’m always watching where I step or what I step over.

Snakes… errr ahh, no like.

Wish I could tolerate them.

@Adam_Trahan It’s O.K. Adam. My wife hates them but will tolerate me looking and handling them. I did get my daughter and son to like them at least. Whenever my mother-in-law saw them she would chop them up with a garden hoe. Poor snakes. I do understand that most people just don’t like snakes. I know some of this is learned behavior but I believe (guess) some of this could be genetic behavior imprinted from long ago. Maybe this proves that I’m a few genes short of being smart. :smile: