Introduction of mountain streams in Japan "sawa-nobori"

Shower climbing

Please Nde pleasure the video

Introduction of mountain streams in Japan
(It is not in tenkara fishing)
We introduce because there was a great video

The Buna virgin forest & wild char in the Asahi mountain range in Japan

Japan Southern Alps

Headwaters of Toyama Prefecture

“Awaga-take” located nearly in the center of Niigata Prefecture

“ガンガラシバナ” gangarashibna


Beautiful scenes, I live in Tennessee close to Nashville and we have some nice springs but nothing close to mountain springs unless you head toward the Great Smoky Mountains in the east. When I get out that way I will try and take some pictures of those streams. Some are steep but I don’t think quite as steep and fast like those in your videos. Some spots require some good casting because of the thick brush and overhanging trees, but its a great place to see and visit with lots to do. Alton

This topic fits well with the Discover Tenkara post about the Matagi, that Paul uploaded yesterday.