Introduction of new furled taper line from Japan

I’m sorry if you dislike this announcement.

I received direct mail from many people. That was about the line I was using.

I will sell “GT line” outside Japan.

Your casting will be completed by “GT line”.

This time I will sell double taper custom of “GT line” ahead of Japan. Please get lightness and easy to fly.

I want you to know the splendor of furled taper line.


Tenkara no tobashi o renshūsuru - テンカラの飛ばしを練習する - To practice skip of Tenkara, I think, maybe.

テンカラ釣りのキャスティング (Tenkara Casting ) / GO TENKARA.

From a reply to the above video:
“…the original tapered line of GROUNDSTORE. Tipet is a number 0.4 of nylon. This line is produced by a special manufacturing method. My casting is possible by using this line…”


Looking further at the description of these lines I saw this statement - " All “GT line” is handmade by Daisuke Tsuchiya . …"

Since I know that " Ya" 屋 , is a word meaning store or shop. I was thinking Daisuke Tsuchiya is maybe the name of a company. And set about searching the internet for the company with various phrases such as : 土屋大介のテーパーライン手作り, Tapered line handmade by Tsuchiya Daisuke.

But soon discovered that Tsuchiya Daisuke is not the name of a company, it is the name of the owner of the Go Tenkara Ground Store. 土屋大介さん ( Tsuchiya Daisuke-san )

Anyway, the search found the below webpage, which I have seen before in recent years, It’s a fun page to read. With both Japanese and English translation. The internet search found the webpage because the name Daisuke Tsuchiya, and 土屋大介 are in the paragraph just below the picture of the Tenkara Rod Co. rods on the webpage. Maybe you will enjoy it too.

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My name is DaisukeTsuchiya土屋大介

Thank you.


Tsuchiya san, you have excellent tenkara style in the video. I enjoyed watching it very much, thank you.

I like all kinds of lines for tenkara. As you know, there are many styles of lines in Japan.

Can you tell us more about your line?

How is it made?

The video of you casting is excellent. I enjoyed watching you fish downstream. I fish a little that way too.

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