First thanks for setting up the new site. Much as I mourn the iminent lost of TF I’m grateful for this new place to continue the conversation. It’s nice to have a community that is entirely “Fixed line” focused and also not tied to any specific manufacturer or vendor.

My name’s Martin. I’m currently based in mainland China and getting most of my fishing kicks virtually or at the large water feature/fountains in our apartment complex. I practice casting there nearly everyday with one of several rods I own. This morning I was casting with a new Daiwa Seiryu X 45 and 4.5m of 2.5 level line. My newest rod.

In the past 12 months I’ve fished in the Appalachians of Virginia, Southern Austria, Japan, China, British Columbia, Colorado & New Mexico. In 2017 I plan to return to Japan and BC for longer stays and to fish in the Adirondacks, NewYork and Vermont next fall. I’m not a Tenkara Purist by any means, I fish beadheads, kebari, wooly buggers with a variety of rods. Where I tend to stick to tradition is the kind of fish I like to catch and where I like to catch them. I’m partial to native and wild trout on freestone streams. Small mountain streams are my favorite.

I look forward to discussing rods, flies, fishing destinations and tactics with everyone.

Welcome Martin! I’m glad that you’ve joined us. I’m not tied to any specific anything and want people to feel free to discuss any kind of fixed line fishing, rod or equipment and much more. I’m also not tied to a strict definition of any type of fixed line fishing, nor am I opposed to it either. I just want to see people having fun fishing in the style they want, where they want, and with the equipment they want. Hence the name of this site.

I believe new “traditions” are created by changing existing ones. In my opinion, this doesn’t diminish the existing tradition, but builds upon it and often honors it (though not always). As is evidenced by centuries of historical documentation in many countries, the definitions of terms also change over time. That may well happen with the term “tenkara” too. If it does, it does and if not, well then it doesn’t.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Seiryu X45. That is high on my list for my next rod - a great discussion for the Rods Category.

If you actually make it to Vermont next year, send me a PM and maybe we could connect, grab a beer and go fishing.