It’s All About The Rod Blank

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Interesting article but it has been covered before with conventional and fly rods.
I take into account also where the rod is produced and the chain of supply if at all possible. If in doubt I ask before I plop my money down.
It’s important to me that these other factors be clarified.


Good enough article, but there’s a lot more than just the carbon fiber to consider.
The resin (especially given the changes in resin chemistry in the last ten years) is very important, but since all rod blanks are essentially hand made the skill, experience, and commitment to perfection of the person wrapping the mandrel are critical.

I never cease to marvel at how good we’ve got it these days…

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Yes, I remember when it was amazing to find a shop that carried a few flies and some fly lines.

I am sure others make nice rods, I own a couple, but I like my Japanese made Tenkara and other fixed line rods, you pay more but the quality is certainly there. I love my ONI, Suntech, NIssin and Anglo rods.

Followed by Daiwa and Shimano.

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My purpose in putting up the two above articles was not to recommend that anyone should, necessarily, buy Zen Tenkara rods but because I thought the information presented was informative and not generally known. I do not see much information given by the various rod makers on the materials, resins and such they use in the making of their blanks for the different price point rods. It would be nice, for the anglers who might want to make more informed rod buying decisions, to have that information made available by the rod makers for general consumption in the promotion of their products.

I certainly can’t argue with that a bit.

I’m glad to see the light on for Japanese tenkara rods.

The DNA (taper) in the rod is super important to me. Tenryu has some great old tapers and make beautiful tenkara rods all from the country of origin.

I’ve actually rolled a graphite graphite 1-weight that I had helped design with the guy who makes them. And I’ve made a bunch of nice bamboo fly rods too.

I really enjoy a fine taper for sure.

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