Jade hunting

Coast of Itoigawa City, Niigata Prefecture

March is the best harvest period

If an unknown sees it is just a white stone

I don’t know much about gemology. Never heard of jadeite or nephrite.
Looks like the only place in the USA to find it is along the central coast of California,
Is March the best time to find it due to winter storms causing new jadeite to turn up on the beaches?

I appreciate your understanding.

yakuseki(薬石) and nephrite
Other stones is jadeite

It is polished by the wave of the sea

I see that (薬石) will translate as (Medicinal stone)
I find that translation interesting.

Last evening when doing a google search about Jade - I read that in old times people believed Jade was effective in treating kidney stones.
As someone who has had a few kidney stone attacks. I know to relieve the pain people are willing to try anything that might take away the pain. :cry: It also motivates one to make an assessment of their spiritual status. With promises to be a better person. If the pain will go away. :relieved:

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