Japanese Small Kebari

彦兵衛改良ヘラ鮒2号 & TMC206BL#16

Japanese Small Kebari 「二葉」

Japanese Small Kebari 「菊水」

apanese Small Kebari 「黒孔雀」

Japanese Small Kebari 「蜉蝣」

Japanese Small Kebari 「蜂」

Japanese Small Kebari 「清姫」

Japanese Small Kebari 「カラス」

Japanese Small Kebari 「ホタル」

Japanese Small Kebari「朱鷺菜種」

Japanese Small Kebari「菜種」

Japanese Small Kebari「青胴」

Japanese Small Kebari「ヒバリ」

Japanese Small Kebari「青菊姫」

Japanese Small Kebari「黒トラ」

Japanese Small Kebari「白雪」

Japanese Small Kebari「猩々」

Japanese Small Kebari「音羽」


Beautiful as always. Thank you for sharing.

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“Kebari” is both an attractor pattern and a hatch matcher

I am drawn to these two especially.

I always admire your work. It inevitably inspires me to clean of my tying bench and get to work. Thanks for sparking my creativity.

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Futaba fly (? 2 leaves?)
Chrysanthemum water fly
Black peacock fly
Ephemera fly
Bee fly
Kiyoshi princess fly
Crow fly
Firefly fly
Tokina rapeseed fly
Rapeseed fly
Blue body fly
Lark fly
AoKiku princess fly?
Black tiger fly
Snow White Fly
Scarlet fly
Sound feathers fly

Lots of variation in colors, contrast, and profiles in those kebari. :smile:

Similar kebari:

https://kebariandfly.wordpress.com/2018/08/12/ “Flyhead kebari& Beehead kebari”

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Thank you for sharing those pictures.
Many of the streams I fish are pretty small, with fast water, and I tie on a size 16 hook with a tiny bead often.
Some things are universal!

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