Karasu 360

Curious who has one and what do you like about it and what line do you use?

Hi @anon86692127. I have one and it’s probably my favorite rod. I pretty much only use a 4m, #2.5 Oni line with it and use about 1.5m of 5.5x tippet. If it’s really windy, I use a #4.5 Oni with it.

It’s casting is beautiful. Excellent recovery and minimal tip oscillation. It’s sensitive enough to catch small fish and be fun and it’s great at bigger fish too. It also controls fish very well in fast current. The only time that I have that I would say might be better is my Oni Type I. But that rod is quite different and I use it in different conditions. I usually carry two rods when I go out fishing and the Karasu 360 is always one of them. For my casting style, this rod fits me really well, but someone else may feel differently.

Last I heard, DT was sold out of them and didn’t have an ETA when they would be back in stock; but that may have changed.

I mostly use 4m of #3 FC level line (it’s the lightest line that is easiest for me to see in most conditions). I do also use 5.5m #3 nylon, 4m #2 FC, and 4m & 5.5m of #4 FC for various wind conditions or just wanting to try something different.

The rod is awesome to cast and is excellent at getting good hooksets. Performance wise, it is fantastic. I personally don’t like to use it in streams where fish are mostly < 7", it just seems a bit too strong to “enjoy” fighting fish in that size range. Anything over that you start to feel the rod bend more.

It hasn’t changed but I ended up getting a new one.

I’ve used one before and liked it. I wrote myself a note saying consider this rod in the future.

It’s now the future.

I’m not a light line guy with tenkara. I am with fly fishing but a light line for tenkara? A #3.5 is light and will handle wind.

So that’s what I use.

I appreciate your words, exactly what I was looking for.

My quiver just stays small, I like it that way.

I’ll use the Karasu 3.6m as my tenkara rod. My 4m as my honryu tenkara rod.

Thank you for ringing in, I appreciate that.


I read that about hook sets somewhere.

That’s what Go san says too.

So there are two guys saying that. I’ve caught fish on the 4m and the 3.6. The shorter not enough to comment on that aspect, the 4 is not soft but not exactly tight either…

Not enough time on either to comment on hooking.

The 400 is a magic casting machine.

Easily reproducible casts.

No hype.

Just does.

I patiently wait.

5.5 total length sounds about right for me.

Glad to read that.

Thank you @itsjaywhatsup.

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Mine is close!

I’ll have it soon.

I’ve been talking with the designer about it and it’s a sweet rod.

I’m tracking down another rod, selling one, it’s quiver review time.

Just out of curiosity, may I ask what the other rod is?