Kebari as a simple tool


simple tool

Aesthetic concept

侘(Wabi) and 寂( Sabi)


@todoroki34 very neat tying.:+1: What hook size are they and how small a size do you tie them.


Thank you @davidsr

hook size is #12
It is similar to valiant-fly and Dr. Bagent Brown-fly
・・・Usage and concept are same

Although there is a golden ratio in an aesthetic concept

and silver ratio is feel to beautiful in Japan :thinking:


Thirty years ago

Evolution is stopping :sweat_smile:


I have known about the Golden Ratio for a long time. But I had not heard of the Silver Ratio, aka “Yamato-hi,” meaning “Japanese Ratio.”

Japan Style - The Silver Ratio and Japan

Thus far today I am meeting Dr. Bert Herring’s D.I.E.T. (Did I Enhance Today) concept. :wink:

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I always thought the golden mean/ratio was derived from natural pattern. I suppose their is always variance but if true the silver might be aesthetic liberty, where golden might be more of an abstraction to mimic of nature.

To be truthful, I am not sure if I considered using golden ratios in my flies. I suspect there might be something to it especially if one to market the flies to humans. I guess this is something we reflect on . It is pleasing to make a perfectly proportioned fly, perfect order. It is such joy…where the fish want em chewed and crippled.

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I think there is a knife in one example

Japan knife and American knife are both beautiful

even if the shape is different due to the difference in application

I think it’s because has been refined as a tool

I think that is kebari is sturdy and easy to use,
If beauty is felt
and it will approach completion as a tool


The thumb print of the artisan…