Ken Abrames - striper moon

I have not been fishing much.
Skiing with my daughter instead…the trout can wait.

A friend recommended Striper Moon by Ken Abrames

even though this book is not about trout or freshwater or kebari, the philosophy is so intertwined with being a effective fisherman and fly tier, that I thought I would post this. You can get a feeling about this guy in the couple online examples of this angler. I feel really well aligned with his philosophy and approach.

I hope you enjoy.
There are tons of nuggets of advice that has taken me years to arrive at…and he really explains it all very simply. Almost everything he says has a universal application. Trout and Striped bass share similar behavior and in terms of presentation and fly design, most of what he notes works for kebari, streamers, or lures. He really gets to the heart of concepts.

read the interview below the top entry. It is about big fish. A lot of universal advise.


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