Ketchum Release

I was finally able to use my Ketchum Release today. It’s slicker than snot at -20 degrees.


It’s the way to go for me. If I catch a large trout, then I’ll use a net, but since I don’t catch large trout I don’t need a net very often.

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For me, it took some getting used to. Every once in a while I still have problems with it coming off the tippet. But I like it and will continue to use it.

I have one. It’s a great little device!

I love mine!

For a guy that “doesn’t catch big trout”, you sure catch some nice fish!

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My only quibble with it is that you have to carry multiples if you fish different size flies or bead head nymphs. I tend to jump around from large bead heads to stuff in between and down to midge sized flies. It does ok on a range of flies though. I also tried a couple of other options and the wire based one is nice only because you don’t have to change sizes and it still works well.

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has anyone tried these on sunfish? i catch alot of sunfish and they typically swallow the fly deep and they have small mouth’s. is this device useful in throat hooked fish or only lip hooked fish?

It will work with throat hooked fish, but only on those with larger mouths like bass. It’s designed for trout, so just be aware.


I’ve used the “midge” sized tool on a few sunfish without too much issue, but on a few I opted to use pliers.

I own one don’t like it. The open circle tool “Guides Choice” for example is much better.

I make a DIY hook remover from a Dollar Store toothbrush or freebies from Dentist appointments with the brushhead sawed off. After pre-drilling the sawn end, I screw in a small brass cup hook, then bend the hook so it is nearly closed. I haven’t seen the Guide’s Choice tool in use but imagine the technique is similar. I also drill a hole in the handle end for a lanyard but already have enough tools, a phone and sometimes a TG5 camera tied to me and rarely secure the hook removers to avoid tangles.