Knife for outdoor activities

Which knives do you have and use them for the outdoor activities?
My favorites are Japanese knife by Red Orca, French Opinel and Swedish Mora.

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I EDC my ESEE Zancudo, it is a cheap but good frame lock.
I have an old RAT RC3 from before they changed their name to ESEE.
I want to get an ESEE camp lore 2.5…

I really like ESEE knives.


Ambush Tundra - Stonewashed, - Sculpted Black G-10 scales. 6.5 oz.


I love knives. I mainly use fixed blade, bushcraft style when in the woods. All scandi grind with micro bevel.

BHK Bushcrafter (forced patina)
BHK Featherstick
Mora Companion HD (as neck knife)
Enzo Borka (bushcraft folder)

I also use an Ontario Blackbird SK-5, which is my largest knife (flat grind with micro bevel) in wet weather.


I am this


Dr. Wako is also a fan of the Ambush Tundra, but this post is just a convenient place to introduce Dr. Wako’s , aka Virtuovice, videos here.

If he would convert to Tenkara from western fly fishing tackle would be great. Interestingly someone asked in the comments if he was using Tenkara gear. He has uploaded many videos for “knife people” :wink:

Riverside lunch with Ambush Tundra

For Japanese language (日本語) versions of his videos, see his YouTube channel, JPSikaHunter.

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I love Virtuovice videos They are the best knife videos.

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Simple opinel no 8 for me. Combine that with a folding saw and it is all I carry on my backwoods trips.

My EDC is the CRKT M16-03Z. It’s inexpensive, very durable, easy to sharpen, and stays sharp and easy to hold wet or dry.

When going fishing, hiking, camping, etc. I carry one of the following Brussletto Knives with me. My family is from near where the factory is located and I used to have relatives who worked there.

This is best translated as “White Light”

This one is simply called “Hunter” (interestingly enough, they use the English word, not Norwegian).

This one is called “Bamsen” which is a local dialect word for brown bear. This is one of their most prized knives that they make - not necessarily most expensive though.

I usually prefer fixed blades, except for my EDC.

@tvdavisid I really like that BHK Bushcrafter!

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I love knives also, I usually carry a folding knife either by Microtech, Chris Reeve, Zero Tolerance, or Benchmade. When I travel to a stream away from people I carry a fixed blade as well. I either carry a Chris Reeve’s or Bark River’s Bravo. I also have some ESEE, Helle, and Tops knives which are great. I’m really glad that some you guys enjoy knives.

Awesome!!! :smile_cat:

I go nowhere without at least a pocket knife. But I don’t carry anything fancy, just a gurber folder. On the other hand when I’m camping or fishing far from the car, I still carry a Puma White Hunter. It’s the first “good” knife o ever bought circa 1968.

My Tom Brown Tracker Knife is always with me.

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Which blade length did you select.I think they come in 3-4 sizes?
Just curious.

Mike, they come in three sizes and I have the middle size. Blade is about 5-5.5 in

Thanks Colin for the info.

me too

GERBER & G.SAKAI ATS-34 and Dog whistle

In Japan the possession restrictions were strengthened
Possession of self-defense will be Arrest

Large-sized mountain swords
Regulation is still gentle as mountain tools

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