Knowing what you know

What rod would you recommend for a beginner, one with fishing experience not a kid or complete novice. I would say those who show the most interest have some fishing experience. I recommended today the Tenkara bum 36 as a first rod, this particular individual have a fair amount of fly fishing experience and I think why not start out with a quality Japanese rod, that has readily available replacement parts and support here in the USA by the best.

What would be your recommendation?

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It depends on a number of factors including the type of water the angler fishes.

Any rod in the 200 dollar class is going to be a good rod.

I own the tb 36. Its a nice rod. The differences between rods will be lost on a new angler. Even an experienced angler may not be in tune with the benefits of different attributes of a rod.

I am rough on my equipment. I know i am in a minority but i find great utility in the tusa rhodo and sato. I also say this with a forked tongue as i own an earlier generation models of these and i do not know how they compare with the current generation. My rods are very robust and although their may be a trade off with casting ultra light lines and general sensitivity, i feel the duravility is worth its weight in gold.

I think you should ask your friend what he/she wants to get out of the experience or how they intend on using it. Type of water…type of flies…size of fish kind of questions.

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What about the Tenkarabum Traveler 39? Should cover a broad range of circumstances, reasonably priced, and with the ability to get new parts from Chris.

I would say that’s a great choice too. I own the original before it became the traveller. Like Chris says on his website, it could be someone’s only rod. Especially for people who are coming from western FF and are used to stiffer action, this rod is great. The problem with having multiple great rods is not enough hands and not enough time to use them all. This is a rod I need to use more often.

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Tom did a great review of the sato and the gm 39.


I have to also agree with the others here who have recommended the Traveler 39 as a highly useful and versatile rod. Three useful lengths to choose from, accurately casts weighted and unweighted patterns well, dry flies superbly, has plenty of power but is still fun with small fish, and is more sensitive than Tenkara rods with cork or foam grips. What’s not to like?