Kongo Seseragi (n+1)

The quiver has grown! Sakura Kongou Seseragi 2.7m/9shaku is going for her christening tomorrow, but I couldn’t wait to share the news today.
Also my EBay bestie threw in a 3.9m Masterline which was a complete surprise, so I’m excited to try that out as well.
The rod feels impeccable in the hand, so I hope to have a glowing review for y’all tomorrow.


Have a good time with your new rod and catch many fish

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Okay made it out for a couple hours before I had to play amateur landscaper. First impressions- it’s a really nice rod. Even casts a 4m level line pretty well if I do my part. The biggest difference between the Seseragi and the yamasemi is the action. I’d call the Seseragi a medium action, versus the Yamasemi I would call extra fast. I’m thinking like 6:4 vs 8:2 maybe. They’re worlds apart. It took a while to get the timing right, and I was not setting hooks hard enough. Then I’d switch back to the Yama and I’d launch fish out of the park :sweat_smile:
I’m really excited to develop my skill set with this new rod. I’ve been a one-trick pony for too long.

The Masterline is really nice as well. Much different than 3go but that makes it fun. It seems to be neutrally buoyant which is kind of cool: surface tension keeps it on the top but if it breaks the plane of the surface, it kind of just stays suspended in the column.

TTYS :v:

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