Labor day camping

Did some local camping/hiking around labor day in Ct.

Mostly family stuff but there was a brook that ran through the campground that is marked as a wild trout stream.

Did a couple hours each morning and landed a half dozen fish each outing. very satisfiying even though they were small.

very interesting. They were intially pretty aggressive, but once one was caught each pool would shut down. Some were holding in only inches of water. For some reason I really enjoy catching these tiny fish…


Your photos are so clear and in focus…Thanks for taking care and making such good images.

Its the luck of the draw. Seems my camera takes better pics in macro mode…i had pics of the brook and other stuff…they were all blurry.

It was an expensive waterproof point and shoot that my wife recently replaced for me with a less expensive model that takes better pics.

Wild trout are so beautiful that its really kind of magical to see their colors and markings so vivid and true.

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