Line Recipe for My Quiver

At the moment I’ve tied enough kebari, designed new boxes, cleaned up my quiver a bit and now am purging all my old lines cutting the tippet rings off and placing them on my new lines.

I’m doing a little detailing for my friends here that enjoy such things.

Since I added in a Karasu 360, I ordered two matching black spools. All other rods will get the card spools.

I’m using the following recipe for a line box session. This will take me around 3 to 4 hours of measuring twice, cutting once and building the line, spooling it and marking the card or spool with the total mainline length and gauge.

I carry a single back up line without a slip knot to cut to length if I hung up a line. To date, in ten seasons, I’ve only destroyed a single line. I only carry one spool for the single rod I’m using.

I use premium fluorocarbon tippet by Seaguar, GrandMax FX in 7x to protect my Nishin compacts. I use 6 and 5x sizes for everything else.

I use Stonfo tippet rings which I re-use after retiring a line.

Line Building Recipe


Make - Model
Rod Length - Mainline Length
Line Recipe:


Mainline Components: Nishin Oni Pink Fluorocarbon, Seaguar Jr. Clear Fluorocarbon to tippet ring.


Lilian: Slip with .5” tag terminated with Double Overhand Knot for grip

Mainline to Tip: Double Surgeon
Tip to Tippet Ring: 4 - 5 turn Clinch
All knots locked with UV Knot Sense glue

Quiver Notes

Nishin Mini V3 270
2.7m length - 3.5m line length
#3 3m - #2.5 50cm clear tip

Nishin Tenkara Mini 360
3.6m length - 4.6m line length
#3.5 3.9m - #3 70cm clear tip

Tenkara USA Hane
3.3m length - 4.3m line length
#4 3.6m - #3 70cm clear tip

Tenryu Furaibo TF39
3.9m length - 5.4m line length
#3.5 4.8m - #3 70cm clear tip

DT Karasu 400
4m length - 6m line length
#3.5 5.3m - #3 70cm clear tip

DT Karasu 360
3.6m length - 5m line length
#3.5 4.3m - #3 70cm clear tip

Gamakatsu Suimu 5
5m length - 7m to 10m line length

Honryu lines are made each trip depending on presentation types. A typical Honryu line is straight clear Seaguar Inviz to tippet ring.


Unlike everyone else, I build my lines to use the shortest tippet length possible. I’m not creating a line system to dead drift, I want control over the kebari.

The clear tip on these lines do a couple of things. The lighter gauge Tip transfers cast energy far easier and the clear keeps the color and movement away from the fish.

The Stonfo tippet rings I use are grey and muted, they do not impart any action on the line and do not hinge. I have not detected any fish detracting from them at all.

They serve two primary functions, maintain the integrity of line length and give a uniform connection that gives a place for the tippet to break. That being said, I rarely break tippet due to weighted kebari design point up and system is built for accuracy.

I generally use 70cm of tippet and change when I’m around 40cm.

Tippet length as short as possible starting at 70cm and with 70cm clear tip gives a very controllable 1.4m effective clear tip.

This formula has been locked in for 10 seasons. I knew line physics before tenkara and just used tenkara Level Line materials to craft my own configurations which is obligatory to my craft.


Sounds like a nice system! I’ve been wanting to clean up my untidy mess if lines and spools too, as well as try out a clear flouro tip section. A couple of questions for ya @Adam_Trahan : can you comment on the visibility of the pink Oni line compared to orange flavors? I’ve been having a hard time seeing my main line lately.

Second, I’ve looked into clear flouro lines to use as a clear tip, but im not sure what to look for as far as type and weight. Also, they’re sold in spools of like a million meters which seems wasteful, have you found spools of smaller quantities?

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Search Seaguar JR on eBay for 50m spools. It is slightly bit stiffer, again for a reason. The clear line is also a depth meter.

Pink goes well for me against my background of green. The clear tip I use as truly a depth gauge, the pink knot as a indicator.

Pink/red disappears quickest in water too. Or so I’ve read… I’ve just not had a problem with it.

Cool, thanks for the info. Found the Seaguar Jr on ebay. What weight/line size # would you reccomend?

Lol nevermind. I you’re using #3.

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If I use #3 mainline, I use #2.5 Seaguar JR tip. Start out with 50cm and work from there.

Personally, a #3.5 is where I would begin with, size #3.5 fluorocarbon in what ever color then step down to a #3 clear tip. I do a tippet ring. It just makes the line durable and uniform.

Do it however you want, I teach with this line.

Errbody likes it.

I use it for years.

You might like it.

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