Looking for a tamo

I’m looking for a Daiwa Keiryu v25, or something similar. Not a folding net, but something I can slip under my belt in a traditional manner.
I’m tired of waiting for the TUSA tamo to actually arrive… coming soon has been on the site for a really long time.

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This one’s 30 cm. It has quality materials. I’ve used one for the past many years. It’s been very robust.


Yaknow Bozeman fly works makes a very available landing net , but it is Aluminum

I love the length of the DT Damo handle but have made some mods to mine.

The DT net bag got hung up and tore while bushwhacking so I replaced it with a rubberized medium Measure Net replacement bag that fits perfectly.

Also the handle on mine attached to the hoop with a plastic rivet of some sort. I was overzealous with going after a fish and the rivet broke when I jammed the net into the cobble. The good thing is neither the handle or the hoop were damaged. I drilled out the rivet and inserted a stainless screw through the handle and hoop, securing it with a stainless nylon insert lock nut on the opposite side of the handle. Now it’s Brianproof!

Also I didn’t like the where the coiled retainer attaches. I drilled through the end of the handle and threaded a 2mm dyneema soft shackle loop through it. Depending on the pack I use, I connect to either a Gearkeeper net retractor or a coiled retainer to use the neodymium magnet keeper that I attached to the top of the hoop.

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Not looking good, but thank you for your inputs.
I’m going to bite the bullet when I’m in Japan and spring for something special.
It’ll only hurt once.

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I own a couple traditional tamos. If you go that route you will not regret it.


There is something special about carrying something made by a true craftsman.

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If you prefer Japanese nets:

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Contact Keiichi Okushi at Tenkara-ya. I have bought mine through him and he is excellent in helping find what i was looking for. He can also ask mankyu what is in production to be shipped. My last purchase was specific in size and handle angle and he contacted the maker to find what i was looking for.

In general, the prices seem better than through the oni site. Hard to say if oni is marking up or just getting the very best works of art. There are factors on how natural the branch is. The less modified the more expensive. Traditional laquer is more expensive. Also how the net is attached and density of net are factors.


Consider making your own. I have two bound and drying in the shed, should be ready in March to start work on them.

It’s a great net and gorgeous too.

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