Looking to buy Tenkara USA ITO

Looking to pic up a tenkara USA ITO! Would like the older style if possible, I just liked the way the original one looked. If you have one and would like to sale it please let me know!


Good luck with your search Luke. Not sure if you know, but the older version is different than the newer in action, not just visual design. The company decided to stiffen up the newer version based on consistent feedback. Just an extra consideration.

Yeah that’s kinda why I wanted it hahah I didn’t want to come out and say that but I do agree! To be honest Iv fished some many different rods and got rid of my original tenkara rods I started out with the Ito being one of them. I found an original style iwana and I got that but now I want the original Ito just more or less for Sentimental value. It’s funny I started tenkara in 2012 and only did it for years no fly fishing only tenkara, then got into the euro nymphing bc I could finally get a 11’ rod which was nice. So funny how I’m coming back around, you learn so much more with a tenkara approach plus I miss just fishing and keeping it super simple. But I will say this I’m a little disappointed the more I read things and see rods that are available from the American places, tenkara has been very Americanized. It really surprises me how much so, but i am glad to see it’s still very popular and people are still enjoying it!


I smiled reading your post…
Your circling around to tenkara reminded me of my experience. I came from being all in on euronymphing and fell in love with not just the simplicity, but later the greater effectiveness in the waters I like to fish the most. Eventually I discovered my happy place with made in Japan for Japanese fishermen rods and traditional tenkara flies.
Good luck with your search, you’ll find one eventually!

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I appreciate your kind words and I definitely agree! I’ll be honest I enjoy euro nymphing and you catch a lot of fish that way, but I’m tired of the competition. Everyone who ragged on me years ago for tenkara bc I liked the long rods are now buying euro rods and fishing basically level line on a reel hahaha. It’s funny there are just some times I want to cast a fly line, something about the romance of it, and as sad as it sounds most fly fisherman CANT cast a fly line all they can do is lob weighted nymphs. I talked to a kid who just got into nymphing and thought you couldn’t use fly line… hahaha but my ranting aside I really enjoy just fishing, I love manipulating flies to bring a fish to a strike and the best way to do that is with a tenkara rod in my opinion. I’m glad to hear someone else feels the same way! And as for the Ito I’ll find one someday, I know I have better rods but I just like to reflect back sometimes to the days I learned about tenkara, it was simpler then bc we were all learning together we really didn’t know much about anything we just got on the ride and enjoyed it!

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Have you considered reaching out to TUSA? I had purchaced a used first gen sato a few moons back and they actually had parts for it. They may have an legacy Ito somewhere on a shelf. I bet if you explain it the way you have they may try to locate one for you or know folk who may be hoarding them.


That’s a great idea! Honestly I never thought of that I will give that a go! Thanks!!

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Luke, I have a first generation Ito that I might be willing to sell. I bought it a couple of years ago and just haven’t used it that much. Has an extra tip and section #3.

That would be great! PM sent

I’m not sure how to pull up a PM on this forum. I’m also on Facebook.

I don’t have Facebook or social media for that matter hahah well I could give you my number and you can just text me if that works? If not if you go to your profile area or I believe if you click on your icon you can view your messages either way let me know!

Well I tried there might be problem on my end. I’m 72 and doing this on my phone. If you wouldn’t mind it’s getting late and I need to be going to bed. Send me an email tomorrow with your address. Once the funds are in my PayPal account I will ship the rod.

That’s okay Dave! Send me your email and we can go that route!


Okay email sent! Thanks Dave!

I received an email from you asking for pictures and price. I thought that you received the pictures and have agreed on the price. So I’m confused.

No I never received anything? I know Iv sent some PMs about it and you said to just email bc that’s easier. That email I sent you is the only one Iv seen. I wasn’t sent any pricing or pictures

I have received my Ito! Thank you all for reaching out and thank you David for making it happen I do appreciate it!

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