Mary's first day trout fishing

Yesterday my wife Mary went fishing with Mike Warren, a tenkara guide from Lacrosse, Wisconsin. I felt it would be much better for both of us if she learned from someone who is used to working with beginners. When I met up with them 2 ½ hours later they had already landed about a dozen trout and got some more while I was watching. It was a good thing I showed up because they had both forgotten their phones. I was able to take pictures of the last two fish they landed.


That is awesome and wise. Of the advice I hear about getting a spouse (or kid for that matter) to fish, the most consistent is to have someone else do the teaching!


That’s great! I am hoping my wife takes up Tenkara one day. She loves to spin fish. Maybe learning from a guide is the way to go.

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Mike told me that the rod she was using had a handle that was way too large for her. So, thanks to the “Great Enabler” a rod for Mary is on the way. Now I’ll have to check out waders and boots. LOL.

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Well done David. Lovely looking stream too.

It’s one of the better streams I fish. It has browns, brookies, an occasional rainbow (stocked way downstream) and I’ve gotten 2 tiger trout (natural) there.

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