Mess tin ori(gami) メスティン折

In the past there has been discussion of cooking rice Japanese style in a Hangō [飯盒(はんごう)]. 飯盒でご飯 , Rice with a mess kit / hangō.

That is usually an aluminum mess kit. Most often either the kidney bean shaped German or European military style mess kit or some times round models. Another popular cook kit are the rectangular shaped Trangia type, that are available in many different sizes. More often in Japan called a ‘mess tin’, メスティン.

Being made of thin aluminum and often cooking over a fire where it often is not easy to control the heat they are prone to having food burnt onto the pot that may be difficult to remove.

One solution to avoid the burnt cook kit problem is to line the the cook kit with oven paper.

Most often in the USA called baking paper or parchment paper. However, using regular paper should be fine since paper ignites at 218˚C / 425˚F and most cooking will be below 180˚C .

Oddly in English I only found examples of lining a cast iron Dutch Oven with paper. No examples for metal camping cook kits.

But on Japanese websites you can find many examples of lining aluminum camping cook kits with paper, Doing an internet search for メスティン折 [ mess tin ori, (mess tin folding)] will find many examples.

[Mestin fold] The easiest to understand! I cooked rice with Mestin fold!

YTC winpy-jiji had the largest number of videos on this topic, and the Trangia mess kits I found. As well as a link to a webpage [Mess tin ori] with pdf patterns for many different sized cook kits.

Once you try the tricks of Messtin, you will decide to adopt them.

The webpage he links to in the video description
メスティン折・Messtinori Mess tin folding 日本語 digital English translation

On the above webpage is a link to a paper folding pdf pattern for a hangō [飯盒] cook kit.

However, since some people find the folding difficult or tedious, He also links to a video, that is basically a “smash and go” technique. No paper folding, just using the inner cup to push the paper into the larger pot. Making kind of a messy cupcake paper liner for the hangō.
【アイデア】-焚き火編- 飯盒の為の新たなメスティン折り!?の方法と呼び名の決定! 洗い水の省資源化!Soldier type messtin!new method for hard to burn!

Rice Meister commentary cooking gear!
The third is finally Mestin. [Ultimate Camp Rice Cooking vol.3] 日本語 digital English translation

Sizes of two Trangia Mess tins - But there are many other sizes, or similar clone / copycat products made by other companies.

Weight: 150g
Size: 17 x 9.5 x 6.2 cm
Capacity: 750mℓ
Material: Made of aluminum (solid)
Estimated cooking: up to about 1.8 go

Weight: 270g
Size: 20.7 x 13.5 x 7 cm
Capacity: 1350mℓ
Material: Made of aluminum (solid)
Estimated cooking: up to about 3.5 go

Note: 1.0 Gō [1.0 合] of rice = ~ 3/4 cup, [180.39 ml ]

I’ve read that 1.0 -Gō of uncooked rice is the traditional amount of rice for a meal for one person. But I think that depends on how much you like rice. In general, depending on the type of rice. I think dry uncooked rice will increase in volume about 2.5x ~ 3x in volume once cooked.

Anyway, maybe worth a try if you find cleaning your camping cook kit a pain in the, ah, neck. :wink: otoh, you might find scrubbing the pot easier than folding paper.