Messing about with tying videos for YouTube

While the pandemic has left many of my friends with more time to fish it has somehow worked the opposite into my life. I work in the wine business which is deemed “essential” so my company has remained open and active. Meanwhile with less options to occupy the kids I have less free time to fish (sadly my kids are not into fishing not sure where I failed there). So…while I love to tie flies I have added doing a YouTube channel to the mix. It is not professional nor is the tying but I figured I would share it anyhow.

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Thanks for sharing Adam.

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Haha, yep, From the penthouse to the guys sleeping under the South Side Bridge, wine availability is an essential commodity. :open_mouth: :mask:

Looks like you took a 4 month detour before announcing your series of YT kebari tying videos.

Earlier this evening I was reading one of Dr. Ishigaki’s blog post about a fishing book, “Secrets of Fishing Food (Lure, Egi, Kebari, Raw Food)” [釣りエサ(ルアー・エギ・毛バリ・生エサ)] That was illustrated by Kamiya or Kamitani Toshio [神谷 利男]. Who seems to own a company that specializes in food container illustrations as well as himself doing fishing illustrations for various fishing books.

Who also host サカナヘンノ ヒトタチ [not sure of the proper translation Sakanahen’no hitotachi , Sakana(fish) hen’ people/friends or people who fish?],

Perhaps some kebari inspirations will be found on the Sakanahen FB pages:

Facebook Sakanahen

On Aug 15th, a Japanese language book 「日本語 ・ 単行本」. Titled :「鱒虫釣人戯画」Trout Insect Angler caricature, I think, written by 佐藤 成史 [Satō Seiji / Shigefumi?] 著, author, that Toshio-san illustrated [神谷 利男 絵] will be released. Fly Angler Trout Insect__flybito_masumushi.html

That is a collection of essays by Shigefumi Sato serialized in the Asahi Shimbun (Daily Newspaper).

Anyway, for a bit of Japanese kebari inspiration try doing an internet search with - 毛鉤作品集 - Kebari works collection.

Good luck / success with the kebari YouTube videos. :smile:


Thank you David! Yeah I love tying and am all over the place…so my channel is for sure not just Kebari…but they will pop up from time to time. Thanks for the links I will check them out for inspiration. I think my next kebari video will be the Shotaro “Ugly Fly”. I had done a pictorial piece on tying it for Tenkara Angler so maybe now a video can add to that.

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Cool, I lean toward believing that “ragtag and rumpled” looking flies, may be attractive to fish. Maybe primarily because they look a bit different from other things floating by in the water current and catch the fish’s attention. Kind of how the weak animal in a herd stands out to the wolf pack. It will be fun seeing your creation.

But, I think, tying a robust Shotaro ugly fly may be more difficult than tying a well groomed looking fly. It’s a high skill art form. Finding the just right shape, and color contrast.
It’s like the performer in a Disney ice capades show that appears to not be a very good skater, or at least a skater having a bad night, but turns out they are the most skilled skater. They have to be really good to look that bad while not really being that bad of a skater. Or the guy I used to see at motorcycle rallies with a Harley Rat Bike. A motorcycle that looked like it had been sitting along the back wall in the barn for twenty years collecting bits of old chain, costume jewellery, bits of bailing twine or wire, old pots, etc. Along with a heavy coating of dust and grease, with dried out tires, and so on. The bike by all appearances looked like it was towed there on a trailer, rolled off the trailer and parked there. The owner would take bets whether the bike would start on the first kick. He usually made enough money to pay for his trip to the rally. His bike often starting easier or faster than the bike parked next to it that was new, and shiny. :smiley:

Makes me think of airshow stunt pilot Kent Pietsch’s comedy act where the “routine” has him as someone (I’ve seen him as a hillbilly character wearing overalls) who gets in an airplane at the airshow and takes off, then is “talked down” by the announcer while parts (including an aileron control surface) are falling off the airframe.

New video up.


Shotaro Ishimaru, a master of tenkara fishing

A very rough, poor, and messy digital translation Shotaro Ishimaru, a master of tenkara fishing

His fishing technique
Put a fly on the river and pull it like running on the surface of the water.

While applying an invitation (sasoi)
[No fish could not - not come out]