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Issue no. 59 (59号) June 2018.
釣りの美学 – Aesthetics of fishing.
In PDF format:

Or as a webpage with links to the different articles in issue no. 59: 機関誌 『水の文化』 59号の記事一覧

Page 14 is an article by Dr. Hisao Ishigaki,
[The unnecessary stripped away?] ultimate fishing [Tenkara]
Can be seen separately on this webpage:
(unfortunately bulk digital translation scrambles the text)

Todoroki-san made a blog post last Nov. also mentioning the Missukan Water Culture Center.
A gift from Mitsukan Water Culture Center Secretariat!

毛鉤の迷宮 Kebari’s labyrinth
kebariandfly 2018/11/21 毛鉤の迷宮


I managed to translate this page and turned it into a PDF. It’s not too messy and the translation is pretty good. Not perfect, but you get the idea.

Aesthetics of Fishing.pdf (2.3 MB)


Thanks Peder,
Browsing the Misukan Water Culture Center journal issues is kind of fun, even when you cannot read much of the text.

To that end I decided to see if I could find back issues. It is most likely very poor Japanese grammar, but I used this search phrase - 水の文化の機関誌 号一覧 - which is intended to be - water culture journal issue list.

Among other fun search results - I found these two links:

Kikanshi , 機関誌 = Journal

I believe issue no. 36, from Oct. 2010. is 50th anniversary issue. 『水の文化』36号 ・愛知用水50年 ,

The journal has been published for a long time. Covering many topics.

The search phrase - ミツカン 水の文化センターの渓流釣り 記事一覧 - Mitsukan Water Culture Center’s keiryū fishing article list - was less successful at finding what I wanted to find.

But still it found some fun stuff to look at. Or substitute some other search topic phrase, for keiryū fishing / 渓流釣り - such as : 釣りの文化、源流釣り、山流釣り、山川釣り、山の文化 . [ fishing culture, head water fishing, mountain stream fishing, mountain river fishing, mountain culture]
If google didn’t like my phrase another was suggested. :wink:

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