Miyoshi Shiozawa, chairman of Tenryu, History of Tenkara rods Catskills FFC&M

Looking at Mike Agneta’s Tenkara Calendar I see that Mr. Miyoshi Shiozawa, chairman of Tenryu, on May 20th will be doing a 90 minute presentation about the history of Japanese Tenkara Rods at the Catskills Fly Fishing Center & Museum.

Misako Ishimura, will be doing casting demos. She and Chris Stewart will also do fly tying demos, and other vendors will be there too.


Sounds interesting. Don’t know if I can swing the time and money to go, but it’s something I’m pondering.

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Oh, just realized that May 20th is a busy Tenkara Day.
The Midwest Tenkara Fest is scheduled for the same day.


Probably an opportunity to open a cloning business for people who want to attend both. :wink:
Or an airplane shuttle service.

Chris Stewart had mentioned this to me and i was very sad to see it was at the same time as the Fest - firstly because I was looking forward to seeing Chris at the Fest and secondly because I’d love to attend this event… I wonder if they’ll be any good videos generated at the FFC&M event…

I’ll be there! Looking forward to it.