Moles tail-kebari

We had interesting information

”モグラの尻尾毛鉤” = Moles tail-kebari

It pierces the hook in raw condition
Then let it dry as it is
Not be removed because the bone in tightens


Wow. Todoroki-san is amazingly knowledgeable and quick at making unique kebari.
I figured one would have to go mole hunting to obtain a mole tail. I wouldn’t have guessed they could be quickly found.
[I had a bunch of the little buggers borrowing all over my yard during the winter. They have disappeared, I don’t know if they left voluntarily when spring arrived or if my cat, KC, decided to earn his keep]

Thank you Todoroki-san.

Here’s the back story.
Last evening I discovered an old blog from 2015, with 10 parts about tenkara.
Part 8 had this title:
テンカラ、開眼? その8 Tenkara, eye-opening? Part 8
日本のいにしえの秘技 Japanese ancestral secrets
モグラの尻尾の毛鉤 Mole tail hair kebari

There was no picture of this kebari, and I thought maybe my translation was wildly off, as it frequently is, and it was not really about a kebari made from the tail hair of a mole. Who has thought of making such a thing?

Anyway, last evening, actually early this morning, I sent Todoroki-san a private message asking if I was getting this right, and if he had heard of a mole tail hair kebari before. Much to my surprise within less than 24 hours he had tied one and posted it to his blog.

Here are the links to the old blog post I found, if you’d be interested in seeing it.

テンカラ、開眼? その8 Google translation into English

According to the blog post
after drying on the hook the mole tail hair becomes bushy and looks like a caterpillar.

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Thank you too.
Thank you for a pleasant time

Yes, thank you Todoroki-san.

I’m happy to be sharing with you here.

It makes me happy that you hang in there and teach us.

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Now I know what to do with all of the moles in my yard and garden. :- )

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