Montbell Tenkara Rods?

I know Montbell has made wet wading gear used by tenkara anglers, but I came across some Instagram posts today showing a Montbell rod. Anyone know anything about these?

The Instagram account is @ykfisshing. Here’s one of the pics:

Might be a sticker added on a rod.

I purchase and use MontBell gear, just got a new Travel Bag that I’m setting up for tenkara. I’ve been in a couple of shops in Tokyo, they where blown away when they found out I was staying with Sebata san…

Anyway, I searched the fishing link:

Good call on the sticker. Yeah, I checked that page too and didn’t see any rods there.

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Big companies might buy a small run of rods. MontBell is big in Japan and actually all over. They support sawanobori, that’s pretty specialized.

Check with the guy who posted… I just sent him a message asking about it.

Do you use any other MontBell products?

Here is the bag I’m setting up, my buddy uses one too.

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Yep, I’ve had one of their down jackets for about 10 years. It’s still in great shape. Here I am sporting it in the Wind Rivers a couple weeks ago.

Looking forward to seeing how you end up using the pouch.

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Good stuff!

I msg the person about the rod.

Let’s see.

Ok, it’s a Shimano rod with a MontBell sticker.

He told me.


Hey, I will do a piece on it at my web site and share it here.

I just purchased a bento box for it.

This bag is still for minimalism yet it will have a room for a few more items that are part of my routine. I also have neglected a couple of petite nets that I can stuff inside the bag.

Soon, still waiting on a couple of items.


Did you ever find out anything more about a Montbell tenkara rod? Such as a model name, length of rod etc.

I’ve played around a bit with internet searches, and have found nothing.

Looking on the Montbell Japan website, under the fishing category, the only subcategory for rods I see is for rod holders. Or under keiryū fishing are sawa shoes.

It could be only a Montbelll sticker on another brand of rod, as previously suggested. Or possibly an old Montbell rod no longer made.

In looking around in the past on Japanese websites, I’ve sometime ran across tenkera rods sold under brand names that were unexpected companies. One was Ryobi, which I generally think of as a company that makes power tools, but there were other similar unexpected companies selling tenkara rods, too.

However, Ryobi at one time sold many types of fishing rods and reels, including tenakra rods. But 10 years ago Ryobi sold that division of their business to Johshuya.

RYOBI テンカラ竿 ADJUSTER XS36-40 テンカラ竿 ADJUSTER XS36-40

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Uh, what we said.

He said sticker.

(Insert smiley face)

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:hot_face: Oppsie, thanks, I read but did not comprehend the confirmation of Shimano pole with Montbell sticker.

Not finding anything under sao or roddo. I tried pole, and also tried searching with the Japanese spelling of Montbell, モンベル (monberu), and the only two items I found under pole were:
アルパイン ポール (Alpine Pole, aka Trekking poles) and
ツェルトポール (zelt pole, aka tent or tarp pole).