Mountain Fishing 山釣りJOY 2017 Go to the headwaters

A little more information about the 山釣りJOY 2017 magazine (available in kindle format from Amazon US, ~ $13) Published May 2017, 146 pages, that I mentioned previously in the River-Walk thread.

The theme of the issue is - Go to the headwaters! Mountain Fishing is an Adventure!

(I did order it, but haven’t yet downloaded it to my iPad). Seems to be a mix of all types of mountain stream fishing, and general mountain stream activities and stories. Japanese language. Maybe I will actually be able to read a bit of it.

Looking at the TOC, the only Tenkara specific listing I saw was:
Field impression of 10 most recent carefully selected tenkara rods.

Also 戸門剛さん(Tokado Tsuyoshi-san’s) research onto - The footsteps of former job fisherman (かつての職漁師の足跡, Katsute no shoku ryōshi no ashiato)

The summary of the issue on the River-Walk webpage translates fairly well.

The publisher is Yamakei (? Mountain Valley ? ), 山と溪谷社, their web page for the issue doesn’t translate very well, but you can see a few sample pages. Looks to be use to the usual high standard of photography. So even if you can read much of it, you can at least enjoy the pictures. :grin:

For those interested, link to e-book version on Amazon USA:

Mountain Fishing Joy e-book on Amazon USA


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:blush: Sorry, boy am I red-faced. I just noticed that CoffeeKohei made a post about this magazine 2 months ago. I must have missed seeing it while I was away or just forgot seeing it. It’s a better post too. :exploding_head:

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No worries!